A new chapter awaits & we want to celebrate with you.
Follow the steps below for a chance to win.

Mall Of Egypt Branch 

Spin & Win

Step 1 : Spin the wheel on our shop front and take a photo or video of the color it stops spinning on.

Step 2 : Post it on your story & mention us @fabrictaleseg.

Step 3 : send us a message on the account with picture of the color that you got.

Step 4 : we will send you a message with your free item that you can claim when you visit us at the store opening in December.

Step 5 : Visit us at the store opening & get your free gift by showing us the message we sent you



Step#1 Snap a picture of yourself with our Shop front

Step#2 Post your photo on your instagram account & tag @fabrictaleseg

*account should be public + USE HASHTAGS 

#ThisisFabricTales #YourTaleAwaits 

Step# Wait & see, post with highest likes will win a HUGE SURPRISE !

Join our snap & win challenge now! 

We still have a lot in store for you fairies so stay tuned on our social media platforms! ✨