To buy unique pieces is to buy a piece of the artist: His passion put in the execution of the object, his hours of reflexion, his dexterity... It is a committed, ethical act, which encourages a responsible and direct economy.


Whether it is to help you see clearly in a project, to confirm a choice or when you have no idea about the layout of your interior, our advisers are there to accompany you throughout your project.


Every week our shop receive new products. Some are only on sale for a limited period of time.    


Spring into fashion in FABRIC beautiful Spring Rose Collection  These special pieces are elegant and soft like the blooming petals of a Spring rose. Filled with stunning silhouettes and various styles of lace, pleats, and sequins on the softest chiffon and polyester blend material. Immerse your wardrobe in the eye-catching pastel pinks, champagnes and cremes perfect to make any fashionista bloom.

Home is where your story begins.


Designed in collaboration with the riveting fashion icon, Duha Dallah known as @styledbyduha on Instagram. FABRICTALESFashion brings you the exclusive collection StyledbyDuha X FABRICTALESFashion. Each piece was meticulously designed with the utmost detail and precision to meet your style and comfort  Filled with luxe satin, soft tulle and polyester blends we have what you need for your day event or evening soiree.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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