Black Hajj bundle
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Hajj bundle is a small box that will make you reflect on the amount of blessings you can receive from this journey, a box containing details and steps for everything you will need.
Hajj bundle contains a Samara abaya that, with every detail, will make you feel the tranquility, comfort, and love with which it was made.
It also includes a scarf and a black basic dress.
You will find a small notebook to hold all your prayers and whispers to God, and a comprehensive guide that will be your companion from the first step you need to take to the last blessing you receive as you continue your journey.
Additionally, you will find a list of all the essentials you need to take with you and a checklist so you don’t forget anything.
You will find every mosque and place you need to visit and see with your heart before your eyes, opening your heart to the blessings of the journey and completing your reward.

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  • Abaya
  • Black Basic Dress
  • Hijab

This combination does not exist.


Black Basic Dress Size 1 or Size 2
Abaya Samara Abaya
Hijab Black Grace Modal